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 H.P.T.-Complex KERN




Arnica Dil. D30 / D200

Aurum metallicum Dil. D8 / D30

Valeriana Dil. D6 / D12

Rauwolfia Dil. D8 / D30

Sarsaparilla Dil. D8 / D30


aa. partes.



Side effects: None known.


Contra-indications: None known.

Because of its alcohol content, H.P.T.-Complex "KERN" should not be used for alcohol-sick persons. In case of hepatic disease, epilepsy or brain diseases H.P.T.-Complex "KERN" should be used only after consultation with the physician.


Inter-actions with other medicaments: None known.


Dosage recommended according to many year´s experiences: 15-20 drops 3 times daily dropped onto the tongue or placed in a little water. Half dose for children.


available in 20 ml and 50 ml dropper bottles