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Conception vessel


Composition: Coffea Dil. D 8, Aurum metallicum Dil. D 8, Lachesis Dil. D 10 aa partes.


Side effects: None known.


Contraindications: Do not use in case of known hypersensitivity against platinum-compounds.

Because of its alcohol content, MERIDIANKOMPLEX No. 14 should not be used by alcohol-sick persons. In case of hepatic disease, epilepsy or brain diseases MERIDIANKOMPLEX No. 14 should be used only after consultation with the physician.


Interactions with other medicaments: None known.


Dosage recommended according to many year´s experiences: Initially 10-20 drops 2-3 times daily, maintenance dose 10-15 drops twice a day; take on an empty stomach or between meals either dropped directly onto the tongue or in a small amount of water. Half dose for children.

Properties: MERIDIANKOMPLEX No. 14 regulates the energy flow in the conception vessel. According to the rules of TCM it is important to look out for hints occurring on the course of the conception vessel, which may indicate energetic disturbances of the conception vessel.

The conception vessel controls all the 6 yin-meridians (lung meridian, spleen and pancreas meridian, heart meridian, kidney meridian, pericardium / circulation meridian, liver meridian).

available in 20 ml or 50 ml dropper bottles